The great Valpolicella wines

In vino veritas. In wine there is the truth.

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"I Vini di Orione"

The brand Orione was born from the desire to offer the excellence of Valpolicelle wines using the grapes that come from the most vocated areas. Artisan and typical wines famous Worldwide under the name of Amarone and Ripasso. We aim to offer hight quality and our wines must have a strickly link from the land they come from.


Company Philosophy:

We aim for the excellence therefore we pay great attention to the selection grapes and harvest, Vinification, drying, and ageing of the great Valpolicella wines. The vinification of fresh and dry grapes and wine production are carried out with modern and traditional technologies, in a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Therefore the real protagonists remain the different wines offered by the Winery which are all characterized by a clear style and strong personality, the bear witness to a philosophy aimed at enhancing the richness of the territory and full meeting the sensory requirements of its consumers.




Home cellar:
Via Casa Zamboni, 10/A  
37024 Negrar - Verona - Italia
telephone +39 3665614496
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